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Framed Paintings



Terms & Conditions of Sale

Collector Fine Art Auctions act solely as agent for various owners and consignor. It exercises care in describing all the item listed and uses judgment in attributing authorship but offer no guarantee regarding authenticity or description.


1. The higher bidder acknowledge by the auctioneer has an absolute discretion to determine which bidder is successful buyer or to reoffer item in dispute and resale it.


2. Many items in the auction are sold subject to reserve, such reserve is confidential but in no case will the reserve exceed the low estimate. The auctioneer may reject any bid or increment not commensurate with the value of the sale.


3. Order bid are accepted. A deposit may be required, absent parties may place bid by Mail, Phone or in person prior to the sale. Order bids must be placed prior to the day of sale Collector Fine Art Auctions will execute such bids up to the maximum amount specified. Collector Fine Art Auctions is not responsible for errors or omission in the executing of these bids. Phone bidder area encouraged, to leave the cover bid in case of technical failure.


4. A premium of 25% of the successful bid up to and including $100,000 and 20% on any amount exceeding the $100,000 will be applied to the hammer price of the properties sold. To be paid by the Buyer as part of purchase price. Payment may be paid by cash, check or wire transfer Visa/Master Card. Purchase are subject to sales tax.


5. Limited Warrantee: Although Collector Fine Art Auctions exercises due care in describing the item listed and uses good judgment in attributing authorship. It does not make any express or implied warrantee as to such authorship. Notwithstanding Collector Fine Art Auctions may but shall no obligation to consider any responsible request for refund on the ground of authenticity of authorship only under the following condition:

A. Notification must be made to Collector Fine Art Auctions in writing within 14 days of receipt of the item

B. The item must be returned within 28 days of the sale, accompanied by written testimony from a recognized Authority that lot in question is a forgery

C. The limited warrantee does not extend to the lots identified to the attribution, school, circle, manner, or after.

D. The limited warrantee applicable only to the original buyer.


6. All properties are sold "AS IS"


7. As a convenience to the buyer Collector Fine Art Auctions will make a referral for packing and shipping. This is at the request, expense and risk of the buyer and Collector Fine Auctions assumes no responsibilities for the items or timing of delivery insurance for in transit items is the responsibility of the buyer


8. Payment: Payment must be made immediately after the sale, if the successful bidder did not register before the sale, he/she must provide proof of identity and bank reference. Payment must be made by one of the following methods: Bank transfer in US Dollars. Visa card, Master card or American Express (Subject to the presentation of valid proof of identity), Up to $5,000.00. Please note for payment by credit card a processing fee of 3% of the entire purchase price, including buyer's premium and any other charges, is added to the invoice. Cheques drawn on a foreign bank will not be accepted. Cheques and bank transfer must be denominated in US Dollars and made out to the order of Collector Fine Art Auctions.



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